I'm a NYC based funny person, actor and director. You can find me doing improv all over the city with my team Matt's Emotions. You can also catch me performing character monologues where ever I can.

When the live stuff isn't going on, my friends and I are always pitching, writing, and shooting sketch ideas. Mostly on the YouTube channel Raff TV, but we're all over the internet. Who knows where you'll find us.

Maybe you don't like my face and would rather just listen to my characters, well you're in luck! I religiously do my podcast, The Dunce Caps, every week with my friend and co-host, Rob Passaretti. 

I've trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Reckless Theatre, but most of my training has come from years of class clowning, jerking around and cracking wise while growing up in NJ/MA.